1. Ques: Where are you located?.

Ans: I am based in Atlanta, GA

2. Ques: How long have you been designing/sewing?

Ans: Ive been designing and sewing for a little over 20 years

3. Ques: What is your price range for blazers and suits?

Ans: Prices will vary depending on the garment details such as cost of fabrics. During the consultation you will be asked what your budget is for the desired garment which will ultimately give direction as to where to shop for your supplies.

4. Ques: How can I purchase the items you post on social media?

Ans: Most of what I have posted are items custom made for clients. In most cases, the fabrics are limited. I often choose designer fabrics that are limited where they are sold which is favorable to clients who prefer to be exclusive but not so favorable to potential clients who want what they see. However, if you are interested I would have to check to see if fabrics are currently available. If it is not, will use the desired look as inspiration to create something just as amazing if not better for you.

5. Ques: What is your turn around time to have something made?

Ans: The turn around time will vary depending on what exactly the request is. It will also depend on my work load. I suggest contacting me at least 2-3 months in advance to allow me to adjust my schedule if need be after a deposit has been made.

6. Ques: Can you duplicate something made by another designer?

Ans; As a Fashion designer I will not copy another designers idea. Perhaps we can have a conversation explaining what inspired your interest in the desired look and allow me the designer to create an original garment for you. Most people don't consider that it is quite offensive to ask a designer to copy another designers work or idea. One reason is because it comes across as you thinking that its cheaper. In other words, that I'm less valuable than the designer you wish to copy from. Also that you dont trust my ability as a designer to create something just as amazing and original for you. That would be like asking Gucci to duplicate a look originally created by Tom Ford. My thought is if you want THAT particular garment you should contact or purchase from THAT designer. I wasn't in their head when they got the idea neither do I know all of what it took to create the look that you love. For these reasons alone you run the risk of not being a satisfied customer expecting a designer to produce the same result of another designer.  You may want to reach out to a seamstress/tailor to request this and not a Fashion Designer.

7. Ques: Can I purchase my own fabric?

Ans: After consultation, I prefer to choose fabrics and samples for clients to choose from. I have found that many don't know how to choose the right fabrics for the garment that is requested or will purchase fabrics simply because it may be low in cost which I do understand, however, the quality isn't always good in some fabrics.  As a designer I prefer to work with quality fabrics. I have allowed this in the past and the results were consistently a disaster. Client wasn't pleased and neither was I. I, The designer must be as proud of the end result as the client is as proud to wear it. My suggestion here is to let the designer be the designer throughout the entire process of creating your garment(s)

8. Ques: How do you do your measurements and fittings with clients who are out of town?

Ans: I suggest going to a reputable tailor or seamstress in your area utilizing the measurement chart provided. Please note that not everyone take measurements the same. For fittings, If client is unable to get to me directly, I recommend sending an already owned similar garment of clients  that fits the way the desired fit would be for the new custom garment to compare measurements

9. Ques: Are any of your items for sale?

Ans: As of now, all items are custom only.

10. Ques: Do you do alterations?

Ans:  I prefer to only do alterations on items that I've made.

11. Ques: Do you sew for plus sizes?

Ans: Yes I do, however the process requires more. Plus size client would need to be physically available and present for fittings

12. Ques: Do you do Fashion Shows?

Ans: I am very selective of the shows I participate in. It has to make sense for me as a designer. Also being in SHOW BUSINESS for years has taught me that there is the "SHOW" and then there's the "BUSINESS". How I view it now is if Im asked to be a featured designer on a show we need to secure ways where I would profit from my participation. Otherwise I'm just entertaining your audience and even still entertainers are compensated. I've done shows ticketed and even sold out shows where I put out so much by purchasing fabrics, making the clothes, prepping clothes before show (steaming, altering, fitting) styling models, dry cleaning, packing garments, traveled out of state with heavy show clothes, even covered my own travel expenses at times and all I've gotten in return were a few applauses, hashtags, likes and shares etc. It ended up being just a waist of my time. and NO BUSINESS. If it make dollars and cents (sense), I will gladly participate in future Fashion Shows

13. Ques: How do you accept payments?

Ans: A 50% deposit minimum is required to start on your project. Pay are accepted through $Cashapp, Venmo or Paypal. Balance plus shipping cost is to be paid upon completion and before shipped.




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